What is Pre-Planning?

Talking about death can oftentimes be uncomfortable, but it is an important event to keep in mind and prepare for throughout your life. Pre-planning your funeral is the easiest way to ensure that your family knows what your last wishes are for your funeral or memorial service. It also helps to ensure that your family has less stressful decisions to make during what is usually a highly emotional time. Pre-planning is the planning and financing of your funeral or memorial service before you pass. It involves finalizing your will, the funeral location and service details and providing financing for the service.

Why is Pre-Planning Important?

The funeral is an event often neglected in our lives, and when loved ones are left with the task of both honoring and memorializing their deceased members they often struggle to design a funeral that that person would have wanted. By pre-planning your funeral, it absolves your loved ones of the burden of having to decide what you would have wanted – because you are in control, and you can help your loved ones give you a funeral that you would have wanted. It also prevents them from having to worry about how to finance the event.


How do I start Pre-Planning?

Regardless if you prefer a burial over a cremation or a celebration-of-life service over a traditional funeral, there are some basic steps that everyone needs to take when planning their funeral. Here is a checklist to help you get started with the essentials:

  1. Write Your Will: With the assistance of an attorney, ensure that your will is finalized and that your last wishes are clear. Don’t forget to sign it along with two witnesses. Make sure you keep it in a place where it will easily be found. Many attorneys recommend appointing someone as the executor of your estate. This person is responsible for handling your final wishes.
  2. Select Your Type of Funeral: No matter whether you choose a traditional funeral, cremation or a celebration of life ceremony, having this decision made official on paper will decrease the burden on your loved ones: they will be giving you the ceremony you wanted, and the respect that they truly want to give you.
  3. Plan the Funeral: Plan out the expenses and details of your funeral with the help of a funeral specialist. Get all of the costs and details of your funeral on paper and provide direction for your loved ones. Handle the fine details, such as where to have the funeral, where and how you want to be buried, etc. Having these details readily available will both decrease the amount of planning for the funeral your loved ones will have to do, and it will also help you to establish the costs and provide financing for the funeral.
  4. Payment Plan: Finally, once all of the details are taken care of, you can provide pre-payment for the costs of a funeral. Once all of the details are in place, all that needs to be done is provide payment to the funeral home. Funeral specialists are always ready to help you handle this most important detail in your pre-planning effort.

Of course, there are other elements to pre-planning: filling out personal background information (family history, military status, etc.), listing out who will be the partakers at your funeral, and other things. Fortunately, funeral homes like Legacy Chapel in Madison, AL are here to hold your hand through these personal and delicate decisions in every step of the process. Contact Huntsville’s nicest funeral home Legacy Chapel at 256-325-5011 or talk to your local funeral home for helpful guidance to get started with your pre-planning.

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