Technology in Classrooms with ValueMags

Andrew Degenholtz, President of ValueMags, is currently having a battle with myself on whether to give his eldest a form of interactive technology he can use at school. For themes part, all his peers have technology, phone or tablet, the technology has begun to pose a problem in the classroom says the teacher. The teacher explained at their most recent parent meeting that the technology bought the classroom is meant to help facilitate students with better learning tools. However, there is an appropriate time to use them. Although the teacher is one of the main discipliners in a child’s life, the parents have the primary role.


ValueMags offers a magazine called Parents Magazine which allows young parents to access a world of information and parenting tips and tricks that are intended to help them find their way as parents. Through the magazine, there are various articles that make reference to the integration of technology in kids in all the issues Parents Magazine publishes. For the most part, ValueMags President, Degenholtz does not want to integrate technology yet. Although most current educators believe is the best and newest method to teach students, it can also be a distraction which it has proven to be.

What do you think Degenholtz should do? What have you done with your kids? Technology is taking over and the more advanced it gets, parents are becoming more protective of their children. The Internet is place where students and young people need to be taught to be prudent. It can be a world of possibilities. However, parents and educators need to know how to differentiate good and bad possibilities to their kids.

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