Enjoy the best beach activities in the Albania Beaches

All of you like holidays and time that you spend with your family and children. Holidays are the best things in the life as there you do not have any tension or any stress problems. So, if you are planning to spend these holidays on Beach then you must go Albania as the beaches in Albania are very beautiful and there you will get the best scenario. The beaches are surrounded with beautiful mountains, hills, islands, valleys and small boats. There you can also enjoy the best sunsets and sunrise and can go out for hanging in the cruise.

There are numerous beaches in Albania and if you are thinking to stay near the beaches, then the Albania beaches resort will be the best options you can go for. There can enjoy the beach life and can do many beach activities like surfing, beach skiing, parachute skiing, dive in and many more. Here many competitions are also organized in which you can take part and can enjoy with your family.


List of the best beaches in Albania

Ksamil beach: Ksamil beach is located in the south of the Saranda and it is the unofficial capital of Albanian Riviera. It is surrounded with three small islands where you can go with the help of boats. It is located at a far distance from the city so no crowd is seen on this beach and if people persist they are in very small numbers. The beach water is calm and has turquoise water; on the other side’s it has white sand. The water is so clear and quite that you can even do swimming easily.

Dhermi Beach: Dhermi beach is of the most popular beaches in Albania. It is very famous and number of travelers visits this beach every year even it becomes the moist crowded beach in summer. The thing that must be seen in this beach is the crystal clear water that is surrounded by coastal pine forests and trees. This beach remains close in the months of July and August. It also has beautiful white rocks that have gone several kilometers away. You can enjoy beach activities like scuba diving, banana rides and Para gliding.

Palasa Beach: Palasa beach is the first discovered beach of Albanian Riviera and it the most beautiful beach of the city. Even no changes had been made in the sea, it looks like in the same way as it was in past. This beach is surrounded with beautiful trees and white sand all around. The water is also very clear and if you want to enjoy late night parties and swimming then you must visit here.

The blue eye: The blue eye is also known as Syri Kalter. It is not a beach but if you will see this you will forget everything. The blue eye is the most beautiful spring that you would ever seen in your life. It is surrounded with the lush green trees and beautiful flowers. It is a natural reserve that is full with oak trees and sycamore trees. It is very blue in color and is the traveler’s first choice. Even in this natural spring water bubbles comes till the surface.

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