Different Uses For Antique Fireplaces

Today people are always trying to bring the old into the new and make use of things that your Mum would probably throw into the skip. One of the best antique and vintage items which will bring class and elegance to any home is an antique fireplace. There are so many ways you can use them in your home, here are some first class ideas for you to try.

Amazing Uses for Antique Fireplaces in the Home

Although a fireplace was designed for exactly that, fire, it isn’t so safe and not very environmentally friendly to use it for an open fire. Not to mention how dangerous it can be and a huge fire hazard. Because of this reason people are changing the use of it but keeping the look. Here are some great things you can do with an antique fireplace.


Victorian mantle fireplaces can be sanded and stained even to give it a modern look. If you have the wall space then you can literally fix it to the wall and buy one of those electric fires which look like flames burning and stick it in the middle. This will make any room look cozy for those cold winter months.

Another unique idea is to use the casing of the fireplace to make into some sort of shelving unit or bookshelves. All you need to do is add some backing, add some shelves in the middle and you have a great unit which guarantee no-one else will have.

Another good use for antique fireplaces are bed headboards, this will only work if they are wooden because the stone ones could be a hazard to your head! If it fits then all you need to do is pad out the middle. This makes for a soft, traditional and one of a kind look in the bedroom.

Another great idea is having a two-sided fireplace in your home. All you need to do is knock a hole through your wall and place the fireplace in the middle. This gives depth to any home and will make the rooms look bigger. You can see into the next room through the cubby hole and in the space you can line up some wooden logs for a farmhouse effect. This is also great fun for toddlers!

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